Kyle Stewart and the spirit of Waterloo

“Where is the school spirit in Waterloo?”

This is a question I hear so often among classmates here at the University of Waterloo and it’s a valid inquiry…where is our school spirit?

Our academic claims to fame are distinguished. We are the home of the largest faculty of engineering in Canada and the largest actuarial science program in North America but what many people don’t know is that we are also the home of the Waterloo Warriors.

Some say that the spirit here at Waterloo is lacking. One major aspect of attending a university is having a pride in your school and showing it in ways outside the classroom, and some students are missing out on this experience of community.

So why? Why does our particular school have such a poor showing of spirit compared to that of neighbouring Laurier or Western, and what can we do as students to change this?

Now I know that to say that all students at UWaterloo have no spirit would be an outright lie. There is spirit here; it is, just at this moment, quiet.

When I talk about spirit I’m not just talking about painting one’s face and going to sporting events, I’m talking about all levels of involvement on campus. To build a strong community at Waterloo, students need to take it upon themselves to get involved and become part of the school community.

One such student who has taken it upon himself to create and foster spirit at our university is Kyle Stewart. 

While working at The Bomber (which is the campus pub, located in the SLC for those who have never visited), Kyle suggested to his manager the idea of an open mic night at The Bomber. There had been one in earlier years but it had died out. His manager agreed and every Tuesday night since Kyle and his friend Mark have been running the open mic. Anyone from musicians to comedians can come out and show their stuff.

Kyle also noticed the lack of school spirit at our sporting events.

In true entrepreneurial UW spirit, Kyle saw a void and filled it in creating the Warrior Tribe, a club dedicated to going to our Warriors sporting events and cheering them on.

“In the last few years we haven’t seen the support that other schools have, and it really helps that the athletes have that backing of having a school behind them cheering them on.”

Kyle is just one example of a student trying to receive the full university experience.

“I like getting people involved with things that I enjoy, I love music, I love sports and I know that there is a lacking and there is something to be done for that”

It is difficult to hear people complain about the lack of spirit here at Waterloo. If there is a void, then fill it! If you are content with your university experience and feel like there is nothing more it can offer you, congratulations. I am certain though that the majority of students here are wondering what else they can do to contribute and grow both as a member of society and a Waterloo student.

Kyle is an example of a student who had a passion and decided to share it with the school. I asked Kyle what message he had for students who would rather not get involved with their school and his simple advice was, “just try it.”

So, where is our university spirit, Waterloo? It’s here. To be in this school you must first have an inherent potential and capability. So go out and try things. Go join a club, see a sports game and get involved.

Graduates from Waterloo are shaping the world we share, and it would be comforting to know that these graduates are using their talents and ambitions to build their university community first.


Thomas Murray

2B Arts and Business



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