Leave Nintendo alone!

Graphic by Sophie Lin

wasn’t planning on talking about the NES Classic Edition until I put it through the ringer for a review, but I think dismissing a few detractors of Nintendo’s methods might be more beneficial. While I am a big Nintendo fan — as if it wasn’t obvious from reading this column for the past year — I am not apologizing for Nintendo. I am providing cold hard facts to educate those foreign to something people like to call logic.

The NES Classic Edition is the first in Nintendo’s newly christened Classics line. Running for $80 Canadian, this miniature system includes 30 pre-installed NES titles ranging from Bubble Bobble to Super Mario Bros. for all to enjoy in glorious HD.

Released on Remembrance Day, the NES Classic and every accessory for the system was sold out everywhere within an hour. The limited supply of consoles spurred many frustrated customers across North America to blame Nintendo for not providing enough systems for the demand. Some voiced their complaints to sale associates, some turned to ranting in comment sections and Amazon reviews, and some even took to YouTube to damn the company’s handling of the situation.

I understand that Nintendo has been accused of shorting stock to increase demand, but the NES Classic is a different situation altogether. No matter if Nintendo did pre-orders to gauge demand for the mini console, there still would’ve been shortages. There was no way to properly judge how many people would actually want this thing. Both hardcore gamers and those who haven’t picked up a controller since the NES were interested, and who can tell if the latter would’ve known how to pre-order it. Nintendo was in a no-win situation and making the NES Classic first-come first-serve was the best way to keep the playing field even for everybody.

Plus, Nintendo has promised to meet demand for the NES Classic. It might not happen before Christmas, but it will definitely happen in 2017. If you are fine with waiting, there’s no reason to worry about missing out on it.

Sadly, we live in a world where we need everything instantly, especially when it comes to the holidays. Patience gets thrown out the window when you can’t get the perfect gift for your loved ones. I understand the frustration, but you need to sit back and think about the real meaning of all these holidays instead of assuming material gifts will just fall into your lap. Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices, such as sleep, to get those must-have items. If you’re not willing to make those sacrifices then you’re shit out of luck, son.

The NES Classic is not just a gift to make somebody happy. It is the gateway to give a new generation an appreciation for the games that defined this industry. It is a console that will allow you to revisit old memories while simultaneously creating new ones. There is something special about playing games on their system of origin and it really hits you while playing the NES Classic compared to Nintendo’s Virtual Console or a game compilation.

While I was fortunate to get a NES Classic, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get one. Plus, it doesn’t mean that you get free rein to make baseless accusations. If you want one right this moment, be vigilant as you might just find it in the place you least expect. If you’re fine waiting, there are plenty of other games this holiday season that deserve your time and money *cough* Pokemon *cough*.


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