Little info on UW scholarships

Graphic by: Victoria Ross

Financing university tuition has always been difficult.

After repeatedly asking Nicole Schuphof, Undergraduate Awards Officer at Student Awards & Financial Aid about the subject, Imprint, only got the vaguest of answers.

Scholarships and awards provide a helping hand in covering tuition fees.

Over 600 scholarships, awards, and bursaries are available from UW services, including Athletic Awards, Entrepreneurial Awards, Financial needs awards/bursaries, and International Experience Awards.

For some of these awards, students are automatically selected while others require applications and nominations.

Some of them require specific qualifications, while others do not. Some awards are specific to faculties, while others are open to all.

The scholarships are listed on the University of Waterloo web site under Scholarship and bursaries section with information on every scholarship that UW offers.

There are no late applications and students must stay ahead of the deadlines.

These awards range from as low as $50 to as high as $10,000.

The faculties of Math and Engineering have the most scholarships as they are the biggest faculties have the most funding, too.

There are also some International scholarships specifically for International students which are of  great help.

There is a balance of the scholarships requiring academic standing and extracurricular involvement, catering for a wide range of students’ abilities.

If the scholarships do not receive enough qualified candidates for a specific scholarship/award, the students who the organizations believe meet the minimum criteria of the award are contacted and given a second opportunity to apply.

There are tough races to win and to claim the cash prize, your application needs to be impressive because ‘poorly’ written statements will be rejected.

The highest number of applications received are for the Full-time bursary and International Experience Awards. The competition is fair. More applicants means more competition.


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