Lumen Lite Festival 2022


Lumen Lite, an experience held across Uptown Waterloo, featuring incredible art. This free and all-ages festival took place on Saturday, Sept. 24 from 6-11 p.m., and it was an interactive event to remember. Featuring the art of talents like Ryan Longo, Asli Alin, and Sebastian Bevelander, it was a wonder-filled and memorable time in Waterloo.

Lumen Lite was established in 2018, featuring the works of over 30 artists, but was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and held online until last year. Now it has come back with a bang, providing the residents of Waterloo – as well as people coming from afar – a beautiful stroll around Uptown Waterloo.

Providing crafty activities such as lantern, constellation, and button-making for those who attended, as well as different art installations such as sculptures, paintings, musical swings and interpretive performances, Lumen was truly a festival for all.

“Angler Fish” by Ryan Longo

“Anglerfish,” was a large sculpture which appeared to be a multitude of metal hexagons welded together to create a massive angler fish! The esca or ‘headlamp’ on the fish was a multicolored luminescent bulb that could be controlled by the festival goers. Longo said that the piece was inspired by people’s need for space. He noticed that people constantly fight over space, whether it’s rent or groceries, but they often end up hurting the space in the midst of the chaos. He wanted to create a piece that would take up space and protect it. He filled the space with something peaceful and meaningful. Watching people fight over the color of the light on the fish is a metaphor for how people fight over space. It was truly a wonderful and memorable piece, and definitely a fan favorite.

“Northern Radiance”by Asli Alin

Northern Radiance was a beautifully geometric piece with eye-catching luminous lights reflecting on it. This piece had several icosahedra meticulously placed, creating a textured mountain. The beautiful changing colors and the obscure shape had the kids surrounding it, and the adults watching in awe of this piece. From every angle one looked, they would find a new perspective within it.

“Musical Swings”by Daily tous les jour

Although difficult to hear at first over the excitement of those who attended, once you pay attention, you can hear the noise of different piano tunes coming together by hundreds of people who chose to hop on a swing. This was a fun, interactive adventure for people of all ages.

Other interactive pieces made of lights such as Monolith by Sebastian Bevelander and Wonders by Trevor Waurechen had groups of people lined up to test how they would each interact with the lights differently. It was exciting seeing how people would find different shapes and patterns in the lights when it was their turn. The excitement in the environment put a smile on the faces of the artists.

Overall, Lumen Lite was a festival created for all, with hundreds of attendees of all ages. The lights, the art, the activities made this festival one to remember.