Man pleads guilty after arrest on UW campus

Christian Bott, a 25-year-old male Kitchener resident, was sentenced to 90 days in jail last Wednesday after pleading guilty to carrying weapons, breaking probation rules, and possession of stolen goods. Bott’s plea was related to charges made against him in February 2014 for thefts and possession of weapons on campus.

When arrested on campus in February, Waterloo Regional Police (WRPS) seized items including a bike lock, a large bike part, bowl cutters, a knife, three swords, and bike tires, according to Olaf Heinzel, public affairs coordinator at WRPS.

Bott has a history of opiate and crystal methamphetamine addiction.

Bott was out of custody pending certain conditions, one of which was not to step foot on university property. However, he was found on campus June 4 when the UWPS charged and arrested him for breach of recognizance. Those charges are still pending, according to Dan Anderson, director of UW Police Services.

It is unclear if Bott has ever worked at or attended UW as a student in the past at this time.

Anderson could not comment on whether or not Bott was responsible for any of the recent string of thefts that have occurred at the Dana Porter library.

“I could only go back to what regional police has charged him on. I can’t tell you whether a person is a suspect of something. I can only tell you what a person has been charged with,” Anderson said.


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