Meet Imprint’s new Executive Editor


How will opting out of tuition fees online affect services on campus?

Will Ontario’s reduced funding for paramedics put UW students in danger?

And where is the all the art?

Imprint will dive heavily into hard-hitting news stories that have real consequences for students while devoting new space for artists of all kinds this coming fall and winter.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to lead UW’s official student newspaper for the upcoming year and I intend to grow both its readership and contributor base by investing in bold journalists and courageous artists.

Having recently returned to Canada from Lisbon, Portugal after nearly two years abroad, I hope to bring a new energy to UW that will penetrate the workaholic mindset permeating North America.

If you want to be part of a student movement in search of facts, accountability and the pure enjoyment of life, then it’s time to join Imprint in Room 0137 at the Student Life Centre.

UW students swamped us with job applications for the fall term as early as mid-July, building a dynamic team to take on the news.

The door is still wide open for volunteers who want to tackle issues as big as global corruption and as local as the campus bar closure.

Imprint will also give exclusive space in its paper to artists of all disciplines to make the paper more of a “speaker’s corner.”

A newspaper belongs to its readership and Imprint’s readers will get a healthy dose of forward-thinking journalism, thanks to UW’s students.

We’ll begin partnering with faculties and programs around campus to make contributng to Imprint something that earns you marks in class.

Though I’ll only be taking over for Victoria Gray for the next year, our combined efforts have put Imprint on a formidable trajectory of growth. Watch out.


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