Meet the Senate candidates


At-large candidates

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Soheil Koushan – Engineering, First Year

"I'm interested in policy and decision-making that goes on at a high level."

"The most important thing about this position is that you're able to go through and learn as much as you can about the policies so you can make the best decision for everyone."

Christos Lolas – Math, Fourth Year

"I'm not just a math student. I’ve got connections and friends and aquaintances across the board."

"There are 30,000 undergraduate students here and we have eight seats on senate, then for faculty there is over 30 seats, and under 1,000 faculty. So you don’t really need to worry about balancing the needs of the institution. You need to consider for yourself what are the needs of the students."


Arts Senate candidates

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Alanna Benson – Arts, Second Year

"I would like to be the voice that represents everyone else’s voices in the faculty of arts, and bring that to the attention of the faculty at the university and those who sit on senate and make the decisions that affect us."

"First and foremost, I think the most pressing issue for arts students would be that of study space and student space in general."

Dayna Nelson – Arts, Second Year

"The main thing of the platform is communication. I’ll make it my mandate to continue connecting with different groups."

"I think an issue that's specific with arts is the lack of community within arts if you compare it to all the other faculties…and that’s something I'd like to work on."