The Waterloo Warriors men’s varsity basketball team put up a close fight against the Ottawa Gee Gees.

By the end of the third period, the Warriors were behind by one point.

The board lit up the standings; home 59, guest 61.

In spite of the loss, Warriors put up a good fight, there came a chance for them to surpass the Gee Gees.

In a flash, the Warriors made a three point shot for the points.

The crowd went wild as the score changed from 59 to 62. The Warriors led in the third period.

The game continued as point guard Simon Petrov brought the ball up the court.

With a quick pass, the ball reached Justin Malnerich, the guard, at the three point line.

Malnerich shot and missed just by a little. The Gee Gees quickly turned the play around and ran for the hoop.

However, forward Nedim Hodzic made his way back to defense and blocked the incoming ball in time.

Petrov then dribbled the ball up the court and scored a two-pointer.

Petrov stopped the Gee Gees’ first pass and went for a quick lay up and scored another two points for the team.

The score was 66-62, Warriors ahead by four points.

Guard Justin Hardy was switched on the court and successfully made a pass to Malnerich, who scored three points.

Later on in the period, the Gee Gees made a foul, resulting in two easy points for Hodzic.

Hardy then made another block, giving Forward Jeff Baradziej a chance to bring the ball up the court.

Baradziej made an assist to Petrov who then received a penalty shot.

The Ottawa coach decided to use a timeout after such sharp throws and hustle from the Warriors in the past few minutes.

Despite their strong efforts in the last period, the Warriors lost by a six point difference.

With home 73 and guest 79 on the board, the Warriors, with their head, down went to congratulate their opponent.

The men’s next match takes place on Nov. 17 against Queen’s Gaels.


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