<strong>Canadian investors create the Power Pillow</strong>

According to <em>Daily Mail</em>, a group of Canadian investors have created the Power Pillow, which can charge your electronic devices on your bed. The Power Pillow comes with two portable lithium polymer batteries. Users may place one in the pillow, while charging the other one separately, so the pillow never dies. Each battery has two USB ports, and can also be carried around as a common portable charger.

<strong>Caffeine perks up memory</strong>

According to <em>Scientific American</em>, a recent experiment shows that a cup of coffee may not only wake you up, but also improve your memory. US researchers first displayed a set of pictures to 160 uncaffinated adults, and then gave them either a placebo or a pill containing 200 mg of caffeine. That&rsquo;s roughly the amount a person gets from two cups of coffee.

The next day, participants were examined by a new set of pictures; both groups could identify new and old pictures equally, but the caffeinated group was better at distinguishing similar but not identical images.

<strong>All-natural bananas are filled with chemicals</strong>

You may love the sweet and tender banana, but do you know that even organic bananas are filled with tons of chemicals? As reported in <em>Gizmodo UK</em>, James Kennedy, a chemistry teacher living in Australia, has created some fun images that show the chemical composite of different fruits. Kennedy explains that a lot of people panic about the chemicals they consume. However, the word &ldquo;natural&rdquo; is mostly just marketing.


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