<strong>2014&rsquo;s biggest trend: wearable tech</strong>

In this year&rsquo;s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), wearable tech became the major theme.

According to <em>Daily Mail&nbsp; </em>and the official website of CES, the showcase of innovation ran through Jan. 7-10 with more than 3,200 exhibiters in Las Vegas. A range of glasses, watches, socks and even jewellery were displayed on the scene. However; recent poll indicates the appearance of wearable tech may be more important than their functions. About 72 per cent of people would only buy the tech if it looked good, while 67 per cent said the devices would need to fit their personal style.

<strong>World-wide loss of large carnivores changing landscapes</strong>

The decline of large predators around the world is changing the face of landscapes.

As reported on the website of Oregon State University, an analysis of 31 carnivorous species was published in the journal <em>Science</em> recently. The article shows that multiple carnivores in Southeast Asia, Southern and East Africa and the Amazon are endangered, while those in the developed world such as Western Europe and the eastern United States have already been exterminated. In response, the authors of this article proposed a Global Large Carnivore Initiative for research, conservation and policy.

<strong>Personal genetic firm charged with false advertising</strong>

A personal genetic company GeneLink has been recently charged by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) due to false advertising.

According to <em>Scientific American</em>, GeneLink provides personal regimen based on customers&rsquo; DNA. The company promises that the customized experiment result is good for diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, insomnia, and other ailments.

&ldquo;What we&rsquo;re alleging is that [GeneLink&rsquo;s] claims got ahead of the science,&rdquo; said Carolyn Hann, a lead attorney on the case.

The lawsuit is the latest in the continuing controversy over personal DNA testing services. Two months ago, another firm named 23andme was warned to stop selling its personal genetics testing kits.


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