Mid-terms, mid problems.

Josh Goldschmidt


1. Coral-based ecosystems in shallow waters

5. To morally or spiritually uplift

8. Contract work, often unpaid or co-op

9. Faculty of ___ & Leisure

11. Prickles on a limb that was numb

12. To unfasten

15. French-side Ottawa

16. Infection research centre in Atlanta

17. US civilian space program

19. Recreational racing vehicle

21. Citation

23. Cowboy movies

26. Female PM from India

28. DJ of Wonderland, Steve

30. Egg-laying chicken

31. Eponymous protagonist in Dickens’ novel

32. Liquid set into an enamel-like finish

33. Avant-garde movement of irrationality


1. To tear

2. Encryption machine used by Nazis

3. Italian active volcano

4. Oktober____

5. Act of utterance

6. German Mrs.

7. Affirmative

10. The human thorax

13. Flanders family patriarch

14. Deficiency or absence

17. Horse’s whinny

18. Response to a prayer

20. Chanced

22. Hallucinogenic drug

23. Decreasing, especially for a moon

24. Bug spray brand

25. A star, slowly burning out

27. 2013 film starring Joaquin Phoenix and the voice of Scarlett Johansson

29. Revolutionaries in Ireland


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