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AleXXXandria, 18 (today!)

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About AleXXXandria Arts

I’m one sophisticated lady. Nothing says class like a moustache curl that will curl your toes in pleasure. My cultured mind will turn you on in ways you never knew possible. Have you ever had sex to the dulcet tones of an Edgar Allen Poe audiobook? I can show you a whole new side of bliss, paired with fine wine, brie cheese, and a healthy dose of existential crisis-inducing poetry readings. Shakespeare’s romantic verse is no match for the filthy talk that comes out of this foxy lady. 

This sultry wonder is the epitome of refinement and panache, all wrapped in a devilishly charming exterior. O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? Your Juliet is on the prowl, and she’s not taking no for an answer.


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