Misprinder: Desiree Distractions


Desirée, SEXty-nine

8 kilometers away

currently active

About Desirée Distractions

Are you a proud member of the procrastination nation? I’m the type of girl that will keep you away from your essay and reddit, because with my daring creativity in the bedroom you won’t want to wait until tomorrow. I will have you hard at work at your desk, in the shower, in the sketchy bar bathroom, because when I want sex I’m the worst distraction you’ve ever encountered. 

Get ready for an all-nighter (but don’t bet on meeting that deadline) because I’m top priority today, tomorrow, and every day after. I hope you’ve got the sex drive of Johnny Bravo, because the way I like it, you’ll never need any other procrastubatory aid again. Send me a message, it’ll be the best and worst thing you ever do.


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