More Google co-ops for UW?

Photo by Susan Chen

It’s still unclear if there will be more co-op positions for UW students at Google following the expansion of the company’s offices in KW, Toronto and Montreal. Rebecca Elming, Manager of Media Relations at UW,  said that it is too soon for Google Canada to determine if there will be more co-op positions available for students from UW. 

Elming said that Google will likely have an answer in April 2020. This expansion will be an 11-storey building with 294,054 square foot space and is part of the Breithaupt Block Phase 3 expansion. Built by Perimeter Development Corporation and Allied Properties REIT, with an investment of $150 million and Phase 3 will double the size of the existing Breithaupt Block . The expansion will be located in front of the current location, 51 Breithaupt Street. According to the property developer Perimeter, the expansion is slated for completion in 2021.

Once completed, new employees will fill the building including the first Google for Startups Accelerator, set to launch in April 2020. The Google for Startups Accelerator will have eight to ten startups with two cohorts every year running for a period of three months each. Applications will open on Mar. 15. Currently Google has 1,500 employees in the country and plans on growing to 5,000 employees by 2022. That growth includes Google Canada’s Toronto and Montreal expansion. 

Google Canada didn’t provide any information on whether or not more co-op positions would be available following the company’s expansion in Canada.


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