New bikeshare program on campus

Theresa Shim

New to the UW campus are bright orange racks that house the bikes which belong to a new bikeshare program. Community Access Bikeshare (CAB) was implemented in June as a part of the City of Waterloo Bike Month initiative.

Currently, racks are located on the UW campus, on the Laurier campus and in Uptown. In order to join and use the program, an app called Bitlock is required. Bitlock is available on both Android and Apple platforms. The app provides detailed instructions on how to sign up. It also manages the subscription fees, locks and unlocks the bicycles, and begins and ends bike rental periods.

The subscription fee for CAB is $30 in the summer for students. For non-students, it is $65 for the year, $20 a month, or $10 for a three-day trial. There are three separate racks on campus: in front of Davis Center, Student Life Center, and Dana Porter Library. For more information, refer to the Community Access Bikeshare website:


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