New website reveals dining deals in K-W region


Bulking season just got easier, folks! The recent January 2017 launch of Dine Special is satisfying our appetites, and, thankfully, our wallets, by revealing over 80 dining deals for every day of the week in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. The website includes deals at local food hotspots including Taco Farm, Mel’s Diner, and Frat Burger, where you can search by restaurant, day of the week, and even category.

An example of deals listed on the Dine Special website include Taco Tuesdays at Ethel’s, Wing Wednesdays at Abe Erb, and $2.99 drink specials every Friday at Crossroads.

Dine Special’s website states that the idea came from Harvi Sadhra of local VSNRY Marketing and Design, who was planning a night out with friends, and found it inconvenient to search multiple websites for their daily specials. “There are so many amazing places to eat locally, but people are either not aware, or unsure what the place is like,” said Sadhra.

Sadhra said the goal for Dine Special  is to create an easier and more convenient way for customers to find the best specials in the area, and even those last-minute dinner plans. The website states their mission for the K-W region is “to promote local food industries and educate residents of all the amazing local businesses.”

The website also includes dining deals in Cambridge and Guelph. Check out the website at


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