Newly Designed Student Leadership Program

Graphic by Jia Chen

Redefine what leadership means to you with the new and improved Student Leadership Program (SLP) provided by the Student Success Office. Not everyone self-identifies as a leader, but in a safe peer-to-peer learning environment, students are encouraged to teach and learn from each other.

The Student Success Office offers the only centralized leadership development program for undergraduate and graduate students at UW. Students are given the opportunity to achieve a Leadership Certificate and develop employable skills and attributes like communication, creativity, inclusivity, and self-awarenessall qualities that make a successful leader.

“In the Student Leadership Program, we create activities and experiences to help all students understand and recognize leadership by sharing with others and learning from them too. Since the workshops are open to all students, from 1A to PhDs, students are able to share a wealth of knowledge and experiences with each other,” Jill Knight, Student Leadership Program Coordinator, stated. 

“The program provides students an opportunity to build their personal network and connect with students from across campus, which we know is more challenging right now due to the pandemic and online learning,” Lauryn Poulin, Student Development Specialist, added.

This program can serve as a stepping stone in a student’s self-development journey and accelerate their growth as  leaders.  All students are encouraged to participate. Virtual workshops are available for free registration on the Student Success Office website.

“The SLP challenges the traditional definition of leadership, and we hope that students complete the program with a newfound level of confidence and a desire to give back and make a difference in their community,” Knight and Poulin agreed. 

The SLP certification requirements are completion of the six SLP workshops: 

  1. Exploring Leadership; 
  2. Cultivating Self-Awareness with Personality Dimensions; 
  3. Building Effective Teams; 
  4. Understanding and Developing Intercultural Competence; 
  5. Interpersonal Communication and Leadership; 
  6. Exploring Conflict Management

Completion of a minimum of 10 hours in a verifiable campus leadership experience and completion of a reflection exercise are required.


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