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Utah gay marriage ban struck down in federal court

According to BBC, a Denver-based federal appeals court ruled against Utah’s gay marriage ban, upholding a lower federal court’s ruling. A three-judge panel blocked the legislature, ruling that the law was unconstitutional and discriminated against same-sex couples. 

Utah’s gay marriage ban has been struck down by several US courts, and this marks the first time a federal appeals court has ruled on same-sex marriage in the United States. 

Same-sex marriage is legal in 19 states and the District of Columbia. If the ban is not struck down, same-sex couples will not be able to marry in the six states covered by the court: Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Utah. 

Anti-spam law comes into effect July 1

A major section of Bill C-28 is set to come into effect next week, forcing many businesses to get client consent before they are able to send electronic marketing communications. Emails, text messages, and occasionally social media accounts fall under this umbrella.

 Neglecting to abide by the new legislation could result in fines for businesses, organizations, and individuals. This bill will apply to any business that sends electronic messages. The bill is set to come into effect in several stages, the last of which is set to launch July 1, 2017.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day messages from Peter MacKay stick to old-fashioned gender roles

Justice Minister Peter MacKay is in the spotlight again after his Mother’s Day and Father’s Day messages to staff became public. 

According to CBC, the messages praised mothers and fathers for very different aspects of their parenting, painting mothers as caregivers and fathers as role-models. 

MacKay, who has recently been accused of being old-fashioned and patronizing towards women, commends women for having “two full-time jobs,” working in the government, and being a mother. According to MacKay’s email, the main functions of motherhood include changing diapers, making lunches, and planning dinner. 

His Father’s Day email took a different tone, praising fathers for their guiding influence on their children and applauding their efforts in shaping the minds of the future generation. MacKay has not yet released a statement addressing the messages. 


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