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For those who don’t know, Nintendo hosted their Nintendo Switch conference Jan. 12, where millions around the world watched a livestream to learn more about the ever-hyped Switch.

Not only were we given more information about the console itself, Nintendo announced launch titles, as well as other games. So, let’s see what Nintendo has in store with their new console, to release on March 3.

According to the conference, the system will integrate every system they’ve created in the past, from GameBoy to WiiU. Next are controllers called Joy-Con, which look as cute as their name sounds. It’s these controllers that make it possible for the Switch to be both a portable and a motion-controlled console.

Just by watching the presentation, I can already think of  limitations that may come with the console and controllers — I mean, split-screen view on a small screen when everyone has their console — but we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

Then there are the launch titles, two classics being Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. In case you haven’t seen the latest trailer, Breath of the Wild is going to be dubbed, apparently? Other than saying that Zelda has a real personality now, and it looks like the game might have ties to the Wind Waker universe, all I can claim for sure  is that this is a Zelda game.

Super Mario Odyssey’s trailer was also shown, in which Mario’s hat gains sentience and tries to take over. Wait, I mean, it allows you to do cool things, such as bridge large gaps and hit enemies. With your hat. The setting is also interesting, as you get to play in real world cityscapes, and, judging by the trailer, there are some pretty cool enemies.

Though I won’t list all the games shown, the two that caught my eye were Arms and Splatoon 2. Judging by the trailer, Arms, a motion-controlled boxing game, looks frustrating but pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Splatoon 2, on the other hand, is like Splatoon (which in turn is like CS:GO, but with paint), but now with cooler weapons to splash paint all over the map.

Although the WiiU may not have done as well as expected, the Nintendo Switch looks promising right now, and hopefully it succeeds this time around.


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