Despite the packed agenda, Feds’ March student council meeting failed to meet quorum with only 12 out of the 25 councillors attending. After waiting 40 minutes, deputy speaker Tristan Potter cancelled the meeting.

Although the meeting was cancelled, VP education Sarah Wiley brought up an informal discussion on the Advocacy Strategy Plan, a document outlining priorities that would be detrimental to students if not worked on, such as mental health and sexual violence.

Wiley and councillor and government affairs commissioner Antonio Brieva also gave an update on the transit situation.

“We are actively looking at different strategies and … see[ing] if we can do anything, if they are other options,” Brieva said.

The transit policy on the agenda, as a response to the possibility of a Grand River Transit (GRT) strike, was also mentioned during the discussion.

“The idea is that we want to consider them as essential services so they can’t strike and we also want the university to come up with accommodations for students who can’t come to campus anymore because of the GRT strike,” Wiley said.

None of the policies on the agenda were voted on due to lack of quorum.

According to Feds council secretary Sacha Forstner, meeting quorum is not typically an issue.

“We’re usually three or four above quorum. Worst case, it takes us 10 minutes to achieve,” Forstner said. “Though six councillors have been removed this year for non-attendance, several others have faced and survived removal votes.”

During the Feb. 5 meeting, three out of five councillors eligible for removal were voted out.

Currently, up to 10 councillors are eligible to be removed during the April 2 council meeting, provided they were not absent due to illness or religious functions.


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