The Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA) has announced that it will be collaborating with Hexfit as a means to help promote interest throughout the province in kinesiology related fields.

Announced on Nov. 11, 2018, OKA stated that this partnership would help to promote kinesiology within Ontario’s hospitals as well as other healthcare providers.

OKA President Krista Crozier stated that, “This collaboration demonstrates the desire of kinesiologists in Ontario to innovate in the field by partnering with a company that facilitates exchanges between the various health professions.”

Hexfit, who had already affiliated with other governments in the country, were certainly eager to make this happen. Etienne Dubois, the president of Hexfit, commented on the announcement, “After having developed partnerships in the province of Quebec and with the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, it is only natural to help kinesiologists in Ontario.”

This partnership will allow the two organizations to work together on a number of different programs. One such program outlined by OKA is Hexplorations, a tool that is aimed at making research projects within the field of physical activity easier to manage. Particularly, the costs to create such a tool have hindered any one party from taking the time to properly develop it. With OKA and its Academic Advisory Committee working alongside Hexfit, Hexplorations is more possible now than ever before.

Beyond the development of new tools, OKA’s partnership will likely provide new opportunities for Ontario’s kinesiologists. For example, Hexfit allows for easier management of files for different patients as well as the analyzing of data to help with prescribing exercises. Hexfit has already developed this type of technology. The partnership will allow them to apply this technology to OKA’s extensive knowledge about the field.

With the combined knowledge of both organizations, both parties have stated that they would like to create and implement different features to these technologies to better suit the needs of Ontario kinesiologists and help patients with better effective practical solutions for management of injuries or for better ability to cope with disabilities. Furthermore, with the improved management of resources that Hexfit can provide, one hopeful outcome is that kinesiologists will be able to focus more time on their work, leading to more innovative methods over time.


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