One with nature


Outdoor study spots, bike shelters, and places to enjoy the great wilderness right on campus.

1. Outdoor study areas

What’s the best part of Spring term? Studying in shorts in the sun. UW has plenty of outdoor tables and chairs, so you can bask in something a little stronger than your laptop’s back light, or grab some shade and enjoy the gentle summer breeze.

Map courtesy UW.
Photos by Steph Kent.

2. Sheltered bike racks

Keep your ride safe from spring showers – stash your bike in one of the sheltered bike racks on campus. Alternatively, tie a plastic bag over the seat. Remember to check your gears and chain for rust every now and then.

3. Spots to hang out with friends

There are several fire pits and barbeques available to clubs and societies to book on campus. You can book them for events through and enjoy a night of fireside s’mores. Clubs can also book BBQs through Feds, too.


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