Opposition to the new sex-ed curriculum

Everyone seems to be talking about it. Most of the arguments made against this curriculum revolve around the fact that courses would start at grade one.&nbsp;</p>

While it seems odd that we would be teaching six-year-olds about sex, students on campus seem to be missing some points when voicing their opposition.

First off, the curriculum covers much more than sexual health, including nutrition, substance abuse and financial well-being, among others. Secondly, individuals from more conservative families seem to think children learn about these issues later on than they really do. It is much better that the students get facts at school than gather inaccurate information from their peers. If you are unsure about what is age appropriate or what is not, I highly encourage you to read through the curriculum which is on the Ministry of Education website. As a last resort, the Education Act allows parents in Ontario to withdraw their children from any course they choose to.

I only wish I had these resources available for my friends and I at that age. Awareness cannot be worse than teenage pregnancies and substance abuse. As each generation gets more liberal and sex less taboo, it is very likely these young students, as adults, will look and appreciate this updated curriculum.


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