Our first fall reading week!

by Josh Goldschmidt


1. Pride and Prejudice novelist

5. Underwear for the torso

8. To pacify or assuage

10. Forming a semi-circle or curve

11. Napoleon’s first defeat in the Levant (1799)

12. From a clog to a stiletto

13. Tied to stop eggs from reaching the uterus

15. Montreal, abbreviated

16. Record label with an owl

18. Canadian sports channel

20. Singer Yelich-O’Connor

22. Author of BFG and Matilda

24. Inuit word for the innate spirit in all things

25. When advice is unappreciated, these “before swine”

27. Cylindrical Asian oven

28. Author of To Kill a Mockingbird

29. Shinto God of Scholarship and Academics


1. To be kept ready

2.            erat scriptum

3. Transcendentalist thinker and essayist

4.  A silent “yes”

5. S-class rank-1 hero in One Punch Man

6. Author of Jacob Two-Two

7. Rounded hairdo caused by thick curls

9. “This bitch empty!         !”

14. Canadian physician eulogized by Mao Zedong

15. Wrote L’Avare and Le Misanthrope

17. To proofread

21. His book By Chance Alone won Canada Reads 2019

23. A-type personality

25. Weed or kush

26. The British colonial period in India