PDA: how much is too much?


There are limitations to everything and that includes public displays of affection (PDA). What’s with all the PDA on campus lately? I mean, don’t get me wrong; hand holding is acceptable but is it necessary to do it constantly? There is nothing wrong with holding hands for a walk in the park, but couples need to remember that people are in a rush to get around. While their affection is admirable, it can become inconvenient and a nuisance to others.

 If couples are going to be so open and passionate with their significant other, then keep it behind closed doors. Not everyone wants to witness those types of displays. It can become an issue when you are blocking everyone else trying to get around you while the couple in question is holding hands, hugging each other, or stopping suddenly to kiss.

 I’m not saying being in a relationship or being affectionate is a bad thing. I’m not implying that there should be a school-wide ban on how much public affection a couple can show each other. However, couples should be respectful and aware of those around them, who potentially don’t share the same views or ideas about PDA. I completely understand the temptation to show someone how much you care about them. Still, we all have to remember that we are on a university campus, and it’s not always the right place or time to engage in such activities.  

It intrigues me to know how other people in a group of three (or more) feel when a couple is holding hands and all of their PDA is occurring right next to them? Furthermore, if you are in a relationship and are surrounded by a group of friends, would you or your significant other feel uncomfortable holding each other’s hand? Would you avoid making your friends feel uncomfortable or just continue showing your affection? After all, it is your significant other.

Campus question: What is your take on PDA?


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