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Copenhagen is the home of fairy tales. Besides Denmark being the home of famed writer Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen’s royal palaces, legendary amusement park, and unique architecture colors the city in a picturesque scene. Experience the city on wheels as you bike through its many pathways, as the Danish city is also renowned as one of the world’s biking capitals, next to Amsterdam. Witness just how calm and collected Copenhagen is and enjoy the peace and serenity it entails as you grab a quick bite from the international food scene.


Tivoli Gardens | This historic amusement park is one of the oldest functioning in the world. You can take the many carnival rides and relive your childhood days. As you stroll around, you’ll also notice the plethora of flora in the area during the spring and summer seasons. Nearby is the new Tivoli Food Hall, consisting of multiple food choices from the international gustatory sphere. With all these activities, there is no shortage of fun to experience at this lovely park.


Nyhavn | If Tivoli Gardens is not Copenhagen’s iconic place, Nyhavn is. It is the first picture that comes to mind when you think of Copenhagen. It is characterized by the array of vibrantly coloured houses facing the namesake canal. At the bottom of these buildings are plenty of restaurants and cafes. I’ve personally never tried eating here but I would still recommend trying other low-key areas, as Nyhavn is quite touristy.

Amalienborg & Christianborg | These are the two most noted palaces in Copenhagen where the Danish royalty resided. These palaces are well worth a visit for their ornate interiors and historic museums. If you’re not into museums, you can see what they have at the nearby street sellers, and maybe grab a (not so) quick bite while you wait for your companions as they take their sweet time admiring the interiors.


Copenhagen has a surprisingly diverse food scene from various corners of the world. If you find yourself in a food hub, such as Torvehallerne, Reffen, and the previously mentioned Tivoli Food Hall, you’ll find Indian curry stews, sushi, and even Filipino food among the variety of other dishes. Many of the international food stalls are run by natives of that cuisine who know what they’re doing, so you need not worry about a lack of spirit in the food. Despite my digression into the global nature of the foods here, Denmark’s array of Scandinavian dishes brings out the best natural qualities of their ingredients.


Smørrebrød | Its pronunciation is significantly more difficult than what you might assume (“smore broad” I see you). This is an open sandwich consisting of a slice of rye bread topped with variations of cold cuts, spreads, and garnishes. It’s simple and you might unknowingly make it on the regular, but what elevates this dish is the preparation of the ingredients and their countless fun combinations. Denmark’s quality of produce has to be one of the best in the world and you can witness it for yourself upon tasting the ingredients. Many Scandinavian dishes have an earthy undertone, aiming to enhance their ingredients’ natural flavors instead of concealing them. A clever smørrebrød can create the perfect alchemy for a whole party in your mouth. These definitely look more aesthetically pleasing than your regular egg sandwich.


Experience true serenity in Copenhagen. Things are smooth sailing in this stunning waterfront city.


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