Place & Taste: Singapore

Photography by Danica Halum

Contrary to the book/movie, it’s not everyday Crazy Rich Asians at Singapore, although there is a considerable concentration of them here. Situated on the Malay peninsula, this small country has so much to offer for anyone regardless of their financial status. The taste of Asia is here as this city is a melting pot of many Asian cultures, which makes it incredibly easy to taste many cuisines at their finest and most authentic. Singapore preserves the traditions and many cultures that prevail within it and is still able to claim itself as a modern global city. It marries the old with the new, creating a harmonious environment ready to be explored. 

Orchard Road | This extensive road is filled with an abundance of stores for all price points. The most notable malls in the area are ION Orchard, Paragon and Ngee Ann City, although these malls weigh more toward the higher end. You can also find many trinkets in the smaller shops along this road. If you really love to shop, sore feet are inevitable because of the scale of these malls and the miles of retail on Orchard. 

Clark Quay | While Orchard Road is mostly retail, Clarke Quay is filled with restaurants and so many street events. Stroll this area and witness the arts of Singapore from dances to public art, as you grab some bites from the many great restaurants in the area. There are also many clubs in the area if the street dances really resonated with you.

Marina Bay Sands | With three towers and a uniting structure at the top, this luxury hotel is an architectural marvel. The rooms either overlook the city or the Gardens by the Bay, both are stunning views. At the Sands SkyPark, which is at the very top floor, there are bars and a large pool overlooking the city. On the bottom floors is a massive mall. Indulge in the sumptuous atmosphere here and admire the city from up above.

Gardens of the Bay | The vegetation and landscaping here is stunning. The gardens are filled with colorful plants from around the world, you could practically see a full-on rainbow. 


Because Singapore is a mecca for many Asian cuisines, from Chinese to Malaysian to Indian, there are plenty of gustatory thrills in this small country. One of the best places to taste the most authentic foods are hawker centres. Many of these stalls have been cooking, at that exact spot, the same recipes for many years, having been passed down through generations of that same family. Resultantly, the taste has been refined and is sure to give you the most spectacular food experience ever.  


Hainanese Chicken | This dish hails from the Chinese immigrants of Singapore. The chicken is slow-cooked, either roasted or steamed, using very minimal spice as the flavor comes from the cooking itself. It is then added onto the rice, which was cooked with chicken stock. This dish can be eaten with a sweet mixture of soy sauce or chili sauce, the latter being my favorite. The simplicity of this dish should not be underestimated.


Pandan Cake | This is a light and airy sponge cake flavoured with the essence of pandan. If you didn’t know, the taste of pandan is somewhat similar to coconut but it has a slightly sharper and more flowery flavor. The best pandan cakes are so light they dissolve in your mouth as the sweetness permeates your senses. It is absolute heaven.


Singapore will keep you on your feet, not just from food trips and shopping, but its overall beauty fosters exciting adventures. Each nook and cranny here holds a story ready to be divulged. You don’t have to be a Crazy Rich Asian to enjoy Singapore, but perhaps keep some extra change in case some food, or shoe, entices you.


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