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The capital city of the Netherlands is easily recognizable. With its winding canals and neoclassic architecture, Amsterdam has to be one of the most aesthetic cities on the planet. There are countless places to explore in this lovely city, whether you stroll around or ride a bike. It can go from a calm morning to a wild night. This city is filled with peace, debauchery and everything in between. Experience Amsterdam for yourself and find where you fall on that spectrum.

Amsterdam Centraal | If you’re taking the train from Schiphol airport or from other European cities straight to the heart of Amsterdam, you will end up here. It can be very busy here but take some time to admire its front exterior. You can then proceed to take the many modes of transport form here on out to explore the rest of the city.

Van Gogh Museum | One of the most famous artists globally and historically is Vincent Van Gogh. This museum contains the world’s largest collection of his works. The Dutch artist is famous for his distinct style, and for cutting off his own ear. While it is unfortunate that many great artists like Van Gogh only become famous after their passing, you’ll find many of his works take a life of their own. 

Day Trip to Keukenhof Gardens | The most prominent flower in the Netherlands is the tulip. In this garden, there are around a thousand varieties of tulips. Contrary to popular belief, the tulips originated from Constantinople (now Istanbul) and did not actually grow locally. This flower comes in many colors and to see an expansive garden of them can be quite overwhelming. Wander around here and witness the beauty of the flora.

Red Light District | You already know it; Amsterdam is the most notorious city in the world for this district. Proceed with caution. Or maybe not.

The Netherlands is one of the top countries globally in the cheese industry. From gouda to, the nuances in the flavors make cheese tasting all the more enjoyable unless of course, you’re not into cheese. The Netherlands is also home to one of the top beer brands in the world, Heineken, with a factory in Amsterdam itself. In general, dutch cuisine is quite underrated, especially their sweets. From stroopwaffels to poffertjes, there is a haven to cure any sweet tooth. If you’re not that into sweets, there are some savory foods that you can enjoy. Nevertheless, Amsterdam is a huge European hub with many foods you can try from almost anywhere in the world.

Poffertjes | This is a real sweet treat. Poffertjes are small puffy pancakes that are then coated with powdered sugar. My favorite café that I always go to whenever I’m in the city is De Viers Pilaren. Here, they serve Poffertjes with whip cream and strawberries, creating a splendid combination.

Herring | You will find street stalls selling this local delicacy. The fish has a mild flavor and a surprisingly refreshing taste. It is served raw, then topped with onions and pickles, which contrasts and complements the simple flavor of the fish. Fair warning: because you are dealing with raw seafood, take some precaution as to where you buy this.

The city offers a diversity of attractions for all personalities. Like in many European cities, it is an entirely new feeling to slow down and stroll around instead of tackling all the must-visit places in one go. Take the time to really soak in the city regardless of the number of attractions you’ve seen. Amsterdam is the perfect city to add some spontaneity into your experiences.


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