Places to Save Money in KW

Graphic by Morassutti Sarah

With inflation at levels not seen since the early 1990s, one thing that is on many people’s minds is how they can save money.

Here is Imprint’s guide to how to not exceed your budget, with places to get your essentials at a low price and where to find great deals in the region.  

Markets and Groceries

  • St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market – At St. Jacobs’s, you will be able to purchase produce and fresh food with great deals. It’s not just about the delicious food, it’s also about the excitement of discovering the abundance of things to see, taste and smell locally. Additionally, you can buy ready-to-eat foods such as fresh apple fritters and buy unique and retro items within the market.
  • Kitchener’s Farmer’s Market – This Saturday marketplace has plenty of food you need such as meat, fruit, dairy products and more. They also have a variety of interesting attractions for visitors to explore. From fun festivals to live music, Kitchener’s Farmer’s Market is a culturally diverse location where businesses can expand and visitors can enjoy themselves.
  • Fresh Co. – Since 2010, Fresh Co. has been committed to lowering food prices. They continuously look for methods to ensure you can be healthy well regardless of budget. If you can’t find an item in-store, Fresh. Co will give you a rain check voucher. You can bring your flier and they will price match for you. If you’re not happy with an item you bought, they will refund your money and replace it. Fresh Co. also provides Locked and Low pricing on select items, so you always know how much they will cost.

Department Stores

  • Walmart – Not only does Walmart have great deals on food, but they also have a selection of furniture, medicine, clothing, electronics and more. Additionally, Walmart offers gift cards and many special deals so you can get the best out of their products.
  • Costco – Costco has high-quality foods, clothing, electronics and kitchen supplies that can give you great and cheap deals in contrast to other stores with similar items. Costco also includes verified phone services, high-quality brands, warranties and repairs. You can get everything by using a membership, which you can share with guests each trip.
  • Worth a Second Look – This retail shop gives low-cost old furniture and miscellaneous houseware items to the community while keeping reusable goods out of landfills and creating job opportunities. They offer a large selection of items at rock-bottom prices, offer pick-up and delivery options, a fix-it facility and assembling bundles. Worth a Second Look also accepts donations that can be dropped out during opening hours.

Clothing Stores

  • Marshalls – This discount shop provides selections of brand name, designer and other high-quality styles at prices that are generally 20 – 60 per cent off. There’s a combination of brand, fashion, price and quality for clothing. The good part is unlike most stores, they don’t use promotions, specials or coupons. That way, you won’t have to worry about missing a special event.
  • Value Village – Value Village is the place where you can buy clothes at a very cheap price with a minimum of $2. There is a high selection of t-shirts, jeans, shoes, jackets and formal dresses and suits. There is also a wide selection of houseware, books and movies and more available at Value Village. You can also save additional money by joining the super savers club and they will inform you of upcoming events and deals.

Thrift on Kent – Similar to Value Village, this thrift store will help you find what you’re seeking while also benefiting their programs and the environment in person or online. They have thousands of products that are individually priced on not just fashion, but also housewares, clothing, books, toys and much more. Their goal is to have meaningful methods to save natural resources while contributing to local and worldwide development and relief.