Pre-finals finals stress


As the end of the term approaches, life becomes busier and more hectic than any other time during the school term. All the projects, assignments, and papers are approaching and the due dates are piling up.  Sleeping schedules become disrupted, coffee consumption increases, and heads ache with the overwhelming workload.

What makes it even worse is when there aren’t any final exams. That seems like it’d always be good news, yet when you are taking a full course load and some professors decide to substitute the final exam with a final paper due before the end of classes, it actually makes things worse.

At first, it sounds nice, but when the end of the term approaches, it becomes a disaster. I get stressed, flustered, and frustrated when I have five 10-page essays all due in the same week.  This leaves me stressing weeks in advance even if I am prepared; how am I supposed to complete five essays in one week?! There’s also no way I could start in advance, because not all of the details are available in the syllabus and I can’t start until I get the assignment’s outline, leaving me in a difficult position. I have to wait to complete the material and then pull all-nighters for that week to meet the deadlines and due dates.  Then the stress becomes physical and my body suffers from the anxiety and pressure that is put on me.

Yes, it may seem like a good idea to have final essays instead of final exams, but is it really better?

On the bright side, even though I am stressing before the school term even ends, after classes are over and my essays are due, I don’t have anything else to do.

Hooray to a longer vacation period! After the tedious week I have to deal with, I’ll definitely deserve it. 

Tamara Thompson

Opinions Editor


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