Princess Cinemas auctioning off poster collection to film buffs

Courtesy Princess Cinemas

Local businesses continue to suffer financial losses at the hands of COVID-19, and in an effort to stay afloat and raise funds for their eventual re-opening, Princess Cinemas is holding their first-ever auction. 

For 35 years, KW’s Princess Cinemas has been providing our community’s film lovers with the very best in international, independent, and Canadian cinema, as well as festival hits and cult 

classics. This local gem is one of Canada’s longest-running independent art-house cinemas and was voted “Favourite Movie Theatre” by Waterloo Region Record Readers. What was supposed to be the year of their 35th anniversary turned into their toughest year yet, and to tide them over the next few months, they have begun auctioning off their impressive poster collection to local film buffs and beyond. 

Since the early 90s when they started seriously collecting posters, the Princess Cinemas has amassed a collection of over 5,000 posters from films they’ve shown over the years — everything from cult classic reruns to popular Hollywood blockbusters. Their catalogue even includes posters for art films, concert films, and documentaries. 

The auction is happening online and can be found on the Princess Cinemas’ website. Each lot will contain 20-30 posters, and will be live for 8-10 days. The auction has already seen great enthusiasm, with original movie posters from the new Star Wars trilogy already having bids at over $450 CAD each. “We’re going to do it in multiple lots because we have so many,” says John Tutt, Owner and Manager of Princess Cinemas. ”At some point, we’re also going to post memorabilia, like reels. We have a lot of film reels from the old 35mm film days, and poster cases and different things.”

In addition to the poster auction, the Princess is continuing to sell seat sponsorships and merchandise. Patrons can sponsor a seat at the original Princess location, or at the Princess Twin. For $250, your name or dedication will be put on a brass plaque and fastened to a seat of your choice. The funds raised from seat sponsorships will help the cinemas weather the pandemic storm and go toward new and improved seating at both locations. 

The Princess Cinemas is a beloved local treasure that has shown genuine care for the KW community since 1985. Their passion for film and dedication to creating the best atmosphere is what makes them a movie-goers’ favourite. For more details about their current fundraising initiatives, visit the Princess Cinemas’ website. Happy bidding! 


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