Rampant health violations at Campus Plaza

Bubble Tease and Baba Chicken Grill had the most health violations at Campus Plaza in 2019 according to DineSafe Waterloo.

Only Fresh Burrito, Kick-Off Sports Bar and Toast Delight went all of 2019 without a health violation at Campus Plaza. The latest sweep of health inspections revelealed just how wide spread the problem is. 

Sharetea, a famous bubble tea shop located on Phillip Street, topped Dinesafe Waterloo’s latest naughty list with eight health infractions, out of which two were categorized as critical. 

Dinesafe, Waterloo’s regional health inspectors, conducted checks for infractions in eating establishments around the Campus Plaza area between Dec. 16 and Dec. 27. 

Approximately 6,000 checks are conducted in a year and products are seized and destroyed based on an assessment done by the inspector.

On Dec. 19, 2019, during a check, health inspectors found that the employees at Sharetea do not comply with the adequate dishwashing and storage techniques, thereby compromising on safety guidelines and serving food that may or may not be contaminated or adulterated.

Health inspectors conducted a check at King Tin on Dec. 20, 2019, and found a total of seven infractions, of which five were deemed critical and two were corrected during inspection. 

Lacking in proper storage techniques and handling of frozen foods, the restaurant also did not follow the prescribed usage of toxic substances.

Another check conducted on Jan. 12, 2020, led to the discovery of four critical ones and six non-critical infractions.

However, during a subsequent re-inspection on Jan. 14, inspectors could only find one non-critical and one critical infraction.

Critical infractions found at Lazeez, a students’ favourite, and Molly Bloom’s Irish Pub, were similar to those found at Sharetea.

With three critical infractions, Asakusa, a ramen restaurant, is not in compliance with safe food processing and adequate storage of hazardous foods.

Products were also seized and destroyed by health inspectors. Mr. Yin, a Chinese restaurant located near Pizza Nova, comes at the bottom of the list with two critical infractions; one regarding storage and the other regarding cleanliness of surfaces where food is kept.

The second infraction was corrected during inspection. In August and September last year, health inspectors visited Mr. Yin and both visits ended in the seizure of products


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