It is becoming a well-known fact that the University of Waterloo is often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of the North” — and for good reason. Not only does the university provide a hub for venture capitalist to seek out entrepreneurship talent, but it is also a milieu for cutting edge technology developments.

Because of this and many other benefits to both parties, RBC has chosen the University of Waterloo as the place to open a cybersecurity lab. Our campus will host the $1.78 million investment lab. As cybersecurity is an increasingly important area to understand, it is a field with a need for talent and innovation. Here, RBC will be able to use tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help propel research and help secure online privacy.

With all the current hacking scandals, it is not hard to see the benefit of such an investment. An investment in cybersecurity is an investment in the future. With a growing use in technology, cybersecurity will only become more and more important, and a relevant topic of discussion.

As the official University of Waterloo statement explains, this partnership between the university and RBC will help to support research in privacy enhancing technology, post quantum cryptography, and data-driven software for A.I. and machine learning. In addition, it will also work to support education in the field, with a post-doctorate training institute called CryptoWorks 21. This education program consists of several benefits including financial award for graduates and a thesis prize.

This partnership is now more important than ever as cyber hacking is making headlines around the globe. From elections to social security numbers, you want to be protected.

Above all, this partnership is a perfect combination between the talent and resources necessary to create what the University of Waterloo does best: innovation.


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