Re: My body, my choice? Dec. 2


As co-ordinators for The Women’s Centre, we feel the need to respond to a previous letter to the editor in Imprint expressing a wish that the UW Women's Centre not declare itself pro-choice. The Women's Centre is a pro-choice organization, this means that we believe everyone deserves to have all the options available to them when they’re pregnant. We believe that everyone has the right to choose what happens to their body without fear of judgement or persecution. We are going to remain a pro-choice organization. To be pro-choice does not mean having an abortion is a choice you would make for yourself. To be pro-choice is to respect a woman's right to make choices about her own body for herself. The reality is that making abortion illegal does not make it go away, it just puts those who are pregnant in a dangerous situation. Things that do reduce rates of abortion include education about safe sex. 

We believe that anti-choice messages are part of a larger culture that shames those who have abortions. Please know that having an abortion does not make you a murderer, and does not make you less deserving of safety, respect, and love. More support and resources are available at The Women's Centre.

Sarah Wiley and Erin Huston
Services Co-ordinators
The Women's Centre


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