Re: No comment

Dear Editor,</p>

The Federation of Students takes pride in supporting undergraduates and enriching campus life through clubs. 

In the article “No comment,” the reporter states there is “no mention of the need for inclusivity.”

In the Feds Clubs Manual, it is noted that “all clubs will be open for membership to University of Waterloo students.” To be approved, clubs must follow our four pillars and University of Waterloo policies and procedures. One of the four pillars is inclusivity; “Feds clubs are completely inclusive. Anyone wishing to join a Feds club must be accepted as a member.”

The reporter ends with the statement that it “can be determined that there is room for improvement with how clubs and societies are accepted.” Students are able to connect with the executives, or speak to the clubs manager if they have any concerns. However, each term, the list of clubs is extensive and students are thriving. 

I’m happy to speak with anyone else wanting to know more about clubs.

Thank you,

Maaz Yasin


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Feds VP Internal