Re: “The harsh, cold truth” Feb. 6, 2015


I’d like to point out to Ms. Esnard that it’s not optional to go to midterms, nor is it for classes with an attendance mark. Nor is it fair to professors and staff with children, who then have to find childcare in a hurry — a real problem with many daycare centres, namely the UW one, closed.

As for the constant reference to big boots? I’d love to say that I have the money for good footwear. I’d love to say that my shoes weren’t full of snow from the holes in them. I’d love to brag about my wealth like that, but the simple truth is I, and other students, cannot.

And “before you grab your pitchfork,” I know winter and storms too. I’m a Maritimer; I’ve been in hurricanes and a metre of snow in a day. And you know what you do when there’s severe weather? You don’t make people risk their lives, and you certainly don’t defend it by claiming that they have some form of choice while simultaneously putting huge pressure on them.

Nicholas Boyko

2B Geography & Aviation


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