Reading week regrets?

Ever wonder why they call it &ldquo;Reading Week&rdquo;? If you have, you&rsquo;re an idiot. YOU&rsquo;RE SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING. Of course, you&rsquo;ve probably just spent it relaxing, partying, spending time with loved ones that you rarely get to see, or doing some other stupid thing.</p>

With Reading Week at an end and school back in session, you’re sure to be regretting how you spent the week. Here’s a few things you COULD have been doing instead of wasting your time. 

Penning an erotic novel

With the theatrical release of Fifty Shades of Grey weighing on everyone’s minds and consciences, Reading Week is the perfect time to cash in on the craze of kinky, sexy novels. I don’t want to hear any excuses about not being able to grasp the intricacies of BDSM or even basic concepts of sex; the success of Fifty Shades should be a lesson that books don’t need to be good to become popular. 

Designing album covers in MS Paint

If Drake can do it, why can’t you? Use your skills with minamalism/ lack of any artistic talent to design the cover of the next big album!

Wholesale buying of leftover Valentine’s chocolate

What do you mean, that’s irresponsible? Let’s be honest, sooner or later you’re going to want chocolate. Why not do all your chocolate shopping for the year when it’s cheapest, and then not worry about it until next Valentine’s Day? It’s just basic financial sense. 

Renewing that gym membership you got after New Year’s, and then never using it again

Any loser could get a gym membership and then give up within a week, but it takes a special kind of person to face adversity and once again hit the gym when the New Year’s dust has settled (and then drop out almost immediately). That takes commitment! 

Bring back the ice bucket challenge

It’s easy to do something when it’s part of a trend, but if you want to show that you’re really committed to fighting ALS, what better way than to dump a bucket of ice water on yourself in the middle of winter? Take a stand!

Memorizing that old Pokémon rap from your childhood

There probably isn’t any practical benefit to this, I just always thought it was an impressive feat. 


Pfffffffffffft yeah right.


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