Reddit thread prompts PAC locker rooms makeover

Thanks to a post on the University of Waterloo&rsquo;s subreddit, <a href="" target="_blank">r/uwaterloo</a>, the PAC lockers are finally getting repaired.<br />
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On a thread titled <a href="" target="_blank">&ldquo;Why are the PAC lockers not being fixed? Can FEDs do anything about this, help the situation?&rdquo; </a>students voiced their complaints regarding the numerous broken lockers in the PAC locker room. Adrian Carolli, a University of Waterloo student, started the thread and subsequently notified Carly McCready, a former student councillor and current Feds VPOF, of the situation.<br />
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Carolli relayed the email within the thread that stated, &ldquo;I would estimate that 20-30 per cent of men&#39;s lockers are not safe to use and I believe most students would say that I&#39;m being generous.&rdquo;<br />
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McCready not only responded in-thread but also escalated the issue to the then-Feds president Danielle Burt and Athletics and Recreation director Roly Webster.<br />
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It resulted in &ldquo;$1,800 [being] awarded to the campus recreation department in athletics to fund the project, which will repair lockers in the men&#39;s and women&#39;s locker rooms,&rdquo; McCready said.<br />
<br />
Webster explained, &ldquo;Our goal is to provide additional lockers so that users can secure their belongings while using our facilities. Having additional lockers available will also provide some additional revenue that can be reinvested into student programming and services within Athletics and Recreation.&rdquo;<br />
<br />
The funding was approved by the Student Life Endowment Fund and McCready said, &ldquo;We&#39;re eagerly anticipating the new lockers.&rdquo;</p>

Currently there is no set timetable for the locker renovations, however, the manager of business and facility operation Jane Arnem said they’re working with Plant Ops to come up with a concrete timeline, adding that she does not expect the repairs to cause major disruption to students who frequent PAC facilities.


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