Resources offered by the UW Library


Finals season has never been easy, however, using the right resources can help ease the anxiety experienced during this time and keep you on top of the workload. A library is a great resource in times like these as it provides valuable information integral to many aspects of one’s academic pursuit. 

The University of Waterloo Library has everything you may need when completing those last few assignments including lab reports, essays, and articles. From writing accurate citations to finding articles that complement your research, the university library is the perfect place to be, whether you’re in-person on campus or logging in online. 

Here are some of the resources you can find while browsing the site:

Subject research guides

The subject research guide is precisely catered to get you instant access to every detail you’re required to know about your course or faculty. You can find accessible papers, books and data; get help in citation processes; access various software tailored to your subject and even get writing assistance. It provides you access to more than 50 subjects ranging from astronomy to nanotechnology engineering, as well as information on optometry — exclusive to UW.

This resource also provides you with the contact information of the most qualified librarian for that subject. You also have access to discuss any information or clear any confusion by scheduling a virtual meeting with that respective librarian. 

Integrated library catalogue system

This system was launched when the pandemic hit and has been providing useful resources ever since. The new catalogue system provides you with access to top-tier journal articles, government articles, and peer-reviewed articles which is integral for many assignments all through using one simple “Google-style” single search box from the library’s homepage.

All you need to access resources directly from the catalogue is your WatIAM account and you’re all set to embark on your educational journey. Imagine having a research paper due, and you need good peer-reviewed articles to cite but can’t find any at the local library or online. This is going to be a lifesaver in these situations as it gives you access to more than 16 institutes across Ontario. To do so,  search your topic of interest in the catalogue, browse through the results and pick the desired source. The catalogue will provide you with two options for how to access the materials: get an online accessible version or a physical copy (if applicable).

Beyond the helpful features of the catalogue, the library also provides many more resources which can all be accessed through its website 24/7 from anywhere.