Call of Duty: WWII comes with all the bells and whistles fans are used to when it comes to their definitive gaming package.

This includes a short campaign  to liberate France, a high-octane take on zombies, and a return to the classic Call of Duty multi-player mode.

In terms of game play, the campaign struggles to be as immersive as older games, but features a storyline which is decently written and performed, although it has a tendency to over-exaggerate.

The game does make some mind-blowing set pieces that most likely won’t become iconic, although they are enjoyable.

The zombie mode is introduced in a short, creepy prologue that is fully fleshed out in The Final Reich map.

The mode doesn’t stray far from the tradition of purchasing weapons and doors but is unique in its ridiculously fast pace.

Grotesque-looking zombies appear from nowhere and boss zombies make up a sizable portion of the horde.

An optional quest with defined objectives accompanies every game, but hardcore zombie fans will still be satisfied by vast hidden content in the map, including a further quest line and stronger rewards.

Multi-player mode delivered many new features, including a new social space, an objective -oriented war mode, and a new class system.

The maps distinctly lack personality, with the remake of Call of Duty 2’s Carentan possibly being the best map in the game.

Some guns are frustrating to use and the score streaks are tons of fun.

The hit detection and load times are a constant hassle, often feeling like the game is trying to annoy the player, but yet quenches the signature Call of Duty craving.

Overall, Call of Duty: WWII does its job in holding up the series, despite its numerous shortcomings.

However, unless you are a die-hard zombie fan, skipped the futuristic games, or just need your fix, this year may be a good time to take a break from the series and wait for Treyarch’s title next year.


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