Review: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)


PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds or PUBG is the second half of the battle royale genre that has recently invaded many gamers’ libraries. The initial release was the first in the genre.

PUBG is intense. Contrasting the cartoony art style of Fortnite, PUBG takes a more realistic approach. Everything feels more crucial: getting away from the storm, finding weapons, getting to your teammates; being just the tiniest bit unsure of your next move can cost you the game. However, one critique of this game is that it encourages defensive play too much. Without anything pushing you elsewhere, there is no reason to move from your established position. This is not a bad thing per say if you prefer to be tactical and move purposefully instead of offensively it can be an enthralling experience. However, the average gamer loves being on the offensive and making plays rather than sitting back and camping.

Positioning can be such a huge factor in PUBG. The Sosnovka Military Base is wide open and finding a gun before anyone else usually results in a bunch of kills and the ability to remain there afterward. Positioning is what decides a game; understanding the map, and where people are hiding and coming from can net you a huge advantage. PUBG is for a more competitive player and has a skill and knowledge barrier that is somewhat larger than its competitor Fortnite.

Vehicles are a large part of what makes this game so fun. Jumping in a car with three friends and getting in a firefight with another squad while driving is some of the best content this game has to offer. 

Overall this juggernaut in the battle royale genre is strong and healthy; the vehicles, tactical play, realistic art style, and feel make each round as exciting as the next. PUBG is an outstanding game, and with a plethora of updates and new features around the corner, it looks like PUBG will be a household name for years to come.


  1. hey during recent updates ,pubg added the Secret Cave has also been added on the map, which is situated at the mountain’s peak in Verenga map

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