Review: Sea of Thieves – blockbuster or shipwreck?

Courtesy Microsoft Studios

Playing the Sea of Thieves beta is quite conflicting. The feel is incredible, but there seems to be a lot missing. Sailing in the game is breathtaking, the gorgeous visuals make the seas beautiful to traverse, but when it comes down to it, it feels like there is so little to do.

At first, Sea of Thieves is actually a bit of a challenge. Sailing across the sea is not exactly straightforward, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun despite some flaws. It is not just “point and sail” as speed, navigation, and even just staying afloat is something that needs to be managed at all times, which is an incredible task with friends.

But overall, what Sea of Thieves has going for it is the multiplayer atmosphere. Seeing other players sail their ships is a pleasure, and hopefully when the game is fully launched there will be a better way to interact with other players.

It cannot be overstated just how stunning the world looks. The waters in Sea of Thieves are some of the best water animations ever made for a video game and, coupled with the lack of a heads-up-display, the player is sure to be entranced by its spectacle.

The main issue with the game is an overall lack of content. Of course, this is the open beta, which is not meant to display the meat of the game. That being said, the combat system is incredibly simplistic and fighting skeletons gets old quite quickly. Shooting guns and swinging swords is more so a chore than a battle. Spending hours sailing across the sea proves to be quite boring. And the treasure you’re sailing for? It is not actually that interesting.

While Sea of Thieves is in need of more playable content, it is an enjoyable experience overall. Anyone who is a fan of the pirate genre will love the atmosphere of the game. It might not be a day-one purchase, but it is developing quickly and will surely garner a lot of hard-core fans. As long as the content beyond the beta is up-to-par, Sea of Thieves could prove to be a huge hit.