Scholarship for women undergraduates interested in technology coming soon

McKinsey Business Technologies is gearing up to provide a scholarship for women in STEM fields at the University of Waterloo, called the McKinsey Women in Technology scholarship. This initiative has been put in place at other schools in the United States, such as University of California at Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology, Washington University, Columbia University, and Carnegie Mellon University, to provide incentive for women who will be graduating from one of the STEM faculties.&nbsp;</p>

In McKinsey’s pamphlet describing the scholarship, Emily Dewez said, “We want to get to know … women who have a passion for technology topics and will be the future leaders of technological change and impact.” 

This takes after something the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign, strives for in its work. The initiative was launched in 2014 by Emma Watson and became a part of the University of Waterloo joined in May 2015. HeForShe is a world-wide effort to encourage men to take a stand for gender equality.

President Feridun Hamdullahpur released a statement explaining why UW is part of the program.

“University is about potential: unearthing it, enabling it and unleashing it. It’s about the potential of every human being to realize their talents and abilities and the potential for society to reimagine itself anew. Enabling all students, faculty and staff members to achieve their highest potential — and for historically under-represented members of our sector, especially women, to be fairly and justly represented across our entire sector, including in STEM fields — is critical to the fundamental idea of a university. It is also fundamental to universities’ long-term success, and to the quality and betterment of society.” 

McKinsey & Company are a global management consulting firm that focuses on helping clients provide an environment for employees to work and grow. They advise clients with technology, which is why they are interested in helping women who have a passion for technology with their scholarship. 

They are looking for undergraduate women who are passionate about technology — demonstrated through work experience or extracurriculars — are leaders on campus, enjoy challenges, and like to collaborate. 

The scholarship includes a monetary award as well as individual mentorship from McKinsey consultants and invitations to some of McKinsey’s events. 


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