Scottish band makes its way to Waterloo

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Atlas: Empire is a progressive alernative rock band based in Glasgow, UK and will tour cities around Ontario and Québec throughout Oct. 2019.

On Oct. 17, Atlas: Empire, the progressive alternative rock band based in Glasgow, UK, will be holding an event in Waterloo.

The Scottish band is returning to Canada with eight performances across Ontario and Québec. 

Robert Hasebe, the band’s bassist, is ecstatic to return to his homeland once again. 

“Touring Canada is by far one of the most enjoyable things for Atlas:Empire.

The unique challenges and rewards of touring this part of the world are what make Canadian artists and performers truly great,” he said. 

“We are so fortunate and so grateful to be able to tour here regularly. Also, poutine,” Hasebe said. 

The band tries to deliver a message about and explores this idea of overreliance on technology. 

Hasebe said The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet is a concept album that explores humanity’s reliance on technology.

The band is motivated by the question: What would happen if you take away a modern society’s toy, “technology”? What would happen if the system fails? 

Atlas:Empire has released a video for the track Our Hands Part The Waves which is a continuation of the storyline from their track, It’s All In The Reflexes. 

The band also released their debut album, The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet, tin Dec. 2018, and it will be re-released later this year through WormHoleDeath Records. 

To date the band has released three extended plays — To The Astronaut… (2012),Somnus (2013), and For the Satellites (2015). 

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