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Graphic by Taynaya Miranda

You know how, when listening to a song, you sometimes replay a part because you weren’t prepared for it to hit as hard as it did like in the past? Well, imagine a song that hits hard not only through one lyric but through all of them. 

Jack Stafford, a British self-help songwriter, aims to do this with his work. His songs are meant to take all the negativity in your head and kick it out the door, making way for the inspiring messages in his lyrics. While many people use songs to alleviate stress or enter mental worlds of bliss, Stafford aims to create a world where one can face their stress through the healing power of music. Being an advocate for positive mental health, Stafford also maintains a self-help blog where he posts links to his work, and most recently reflections on personal experiences he’s undergone. According to the blog, his songs are non-fictional and always have a goal “to either instruct, educate, or maintain a historical record.” 

Initially, Stafford had a fashion business that, due to extenuating circumstances, had to shut down. As a result, he became a travelling singer, having done work in countless venues. With many people going through a hard time with COVID-19 and self-isolation, Stafford is releasing a single on May 29 called “Background Worry.” It discusses mental strife, particularly in our times with the advent of COVID-19, and will be available across all platforms.

He hopes that it can help people get away from the negativity in their minds and “bring some peace into their life.” The song is being released along with a meditation video as an added bonus to combat mental states that preclude peace. The single is part of a greater project, a new album of his called “Deeper,” which is described as “a series of self-help songs that will help people get perspective on the current Corona crisis.” 

If you’re looking for music to relate to about battling mental health, or just love a song with meaningful lyrics, don’t miss out on his new single “Background Worry,” releasing on all platforms on May 29. 


  1. Great article! I downloaded all Jack Stafford’s songs. I guess everybody needs some positive energy, given the current circumstances.


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