SkipTheDishes launches campaign with UW Students


Jordan de Olivera, a student at UW, spearheaded a student-driven Back to School 50% discount campaign from SkipTheDishes.

The half-off promo is available in 22 markets in Canada, spearheaded by UW student Jordan de Olivera.

The economics major told Imprint that, although he is a non-coop student, he was able to make the most out of his degree through the support of his contacts.

“I started working [at SkipTheDishes] as a summer intern two years ago, back when I was in second year. As I was able to stay on top of my work and make a good impression during those four months, my supervisor gave me a return offer for the next summer,“ de Olivera said.

Once he was back at school, he started taking courses to minor in marketing and international business, hoping it would increase his opportunities once in the work force. 

“During my second internship with SkipTheDishes, a marketing position opened up and I asked to be transferred to the marketing team. Looking back, had I not been upfront, I would not have been able to launch the Back to School 50% discount offer with my team,” he said. “A lot of my friends are in co-op programs and back then I regretted not enrolling into the co-op option, but I realised over time that your degree is really what you make of it.”

Although he worked with the company’s restaurants to ensure that all the items in the offer are near university campuses and the discount was created with students in mind, anyone is welcome to use it.

The deal lasts until September 30, but if successful, SkipTheDishes may relaunch the campaign.


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