S’mores Puffers


Novembers are the “Thursdays” of the month. The snowfall has a slightly festive mood yet somehow feels detached from the holidays. Between Halloween and Christmas, we find ourselves trying to entertain the idea of November — craving the toastiness of a Christmas fireplace, or the richness of a cup of hot chocolate accompanied by the fireplace. Fraid not, S’mores Puffers are the perfect snack for such festive cravings. 


Toaster oven


Mini marshmallows 

Chocolate spread or melted chocolate chips

Puffy rice cakes 


Everyone loves a simple instruction — do less to get more 😉 Evenly spread the chocolate spread or melted chocolate chips onto the rice cakes. Then cover the rice cakes with marshmallows and toast them in the oven until it is slightly melted. If you would like to be a little extra, you may use a blowtorch to yield a golden crust on the marshmallow. 

As I write this recipe, I am picturing a good book by the fire, watching the heavy snowfall, and all that surrounds are the cracklings of the fire, a good Christmas jazz playlist softly playing in the background and the white noise emitted from the snow. This comforting scenery is perfectly paired with this snack and a cup of hot chocolate — perhaps Thursdays aren’t so bad after all.