Sports available for all skill levels Recreational sports leagues help students get active, have fun and relieve stress

The University of Waterloo has 10 recreational leagues open to students this spring to help keep students active. Photo courtesy of Warriors Athletics Department

When you move your body it helps keep your mind sharp.

The University of Waterloo’s athletic department has many options to keep students active, fit and thinking on their feet with 10 different recreational leagues.

Registration opens Tuesday, May 1 at 8:30 a.m. and run until May 8 at 2 p.m.

Dan Ackerman, communication and student engagement coordinator for the Warriors said participating in sports can help students perform better in the classroom.

“Studies have shown that regular participation in recreational programs and activities has a positive impact on a student’s academic success and peer engagement throughout their university career,” he said.

Students can participate in both indoor and outdoor sports, like ultimate frisbee, 11 v 11 soccer, 7 v 7 soccer, flag football, ball hockey, ice hockey, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, and squash.

Ackerman said students at every level have many opportunities to participate.

“The Intramural program at Waterloo offers students of all levels a chance to play, socialize, and compete in a friendly and inclusive environment,” he said.

There are multiple divisions for each sport, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced player there are opportunities to play.

Divisions include a casual league for first-timers or people with very little experience playing the sport.

The league is mainly focused on having fun while getting active. Players focus on learning the rules, improving skills and having fun with friends.

The semi-completive league is for students with some skill and experience. Players are focused on socializing and competing while gaining an understanding of the rules.

The competitive league is for students with a high level of skill and a lot of experience playing the sport.

There is a competitive focus while still enjoying the game. Participants should have an understanding of the sport, its rules and strategy very well.

The elite league is for students with superior skills. The league is focused on competition. There are social aspects from the joy of competing, but that is not the focus. Students need to have an excellent grasp of the sport, the rules, and the complex, and in-depth strategies.

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