Starbucks officially opens on campus

Better late than never: Starbucks is officially open.</p>

The eagerly anticipated franchise opened its doors to the campus community  Monday, Nov. 9 at 8 a.m. Located in the newly constructed Science Teaching Complex (STC), students can order their favourite drinks at Starbucks Monday through Saturday during various hours of operation.

Lee Elkas, director of Food Services, believes that the café will be successful on campus. 

“Starbucks has been very popular in many other Canadian universities and it was certainly a franchise the campus community has wanted for a long time, we just had to find the right location.” 

Elkas mentioned that there had been a long standing demand for a  Starbucks on campus.

“Food Services has received many requests over the years: emails, student surveys, focus groups … Starbucks has always been at the top of the list, we think it will be a popular spot,” Elkas said.

However, this may not be the only Starbucks that will open on campus in the future. 

“We are currently in the midst of planning to open a second Starbucks in the AHS expansion,” said Micaela Buchnea-Chew, the Food Services marketing and communications co-ordinator.

The STC Starbucks will have a full food and beverage menu and will accept cash,WatCard, and debit payments. The menu will also replicate the menus available at other Starbucks establishments in KW.

However, patrons who plan to use their Starbucks membership cards may be disappointed to know that they will not receive stars for their purchases on food or beverage items. Patrons will still be able to redeem any rewards they have, such as birthday drinks.

Starbucks was originally intended to open in September within the STC, but the supervisor on duty on opening night explained that the delays in construction of the STC affected the opening date for the Starbucks. 

“We were training in mid-August, but could not open because of delays.” 

As a result, advertising was kept to a minimum due to the uncertainty, she explained.

There is little doubt from the staff members that the establishment will be a popular location on campus. 

“There is a great amount of seating, including soft seating, community tables, and small tables,” explained Buchnea-Chew, adding “It will be a wonderful area to meet friends, study, or simply relax.”


This article has been corrected to ensure that Starbucks only accepts cash, WatCard, and debit payment and not credit payment.


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