Start-ups focused on clean energy from Waterloo


1Borealis Wind

This start-up focuses on de-icing turbine blades, which reduces power output on wind farms. They have designed an easy-to-install heating retrofit to be installed within wind turbine blades.



This start-up allows water utilities to proactively manage their infrastructure in real-time, allowing for smarter operational decisions. This drives down operational costs and risk, enhances service reliability, and promotes conservation.


3Enpact Technologies

This start-up is focused on “powering wearable devices through mechanical energy harvesting nano-materials” according to Velocity.


This start-up works on harnessing solar energy to drive chemical processes that break down persistent organic contaminants in water. This is done at a low cost without generating any waste.


5Masood Energy

This start-up is looking to reimagine and create effective and efficient energy storage technologies, by repurposing used electric vehicle batteries.


6More clean-energy start-ups

  • Azam Waters
  • Enpact Technologies
  • EnPowered
  • Grobo
  • Innovative Protein Technologies
  • Landmine Boys
  • LeafGenius
  • Lumotune
  • NanoPhyll
  • Pegasus Aeronautics
  • Salient Energy
  • Terrene
  • UpGrain